It’s rather chilling; Hilary is the “favorite”, and she’s being challenged by others who are arguably more appealing, but who also arguably have no chance in hell of being elected/nominated. I have a very foreboding sense of being trapped into voting for a candidate, the only viable candidate, who WON’T win given her baggage and the media’s appetite for scandals.

What will the turnout be? What will the issues be? Will there be anyone viable other than Hillary, and if so, will the democratic base rally to the cause, or, as is more usual, divide itself and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

We’ll see…it’s likely to be a dark ‘n stormy ride…..a drink that just may see me thru to election day…:)


The PizzaGuy


Hello, all.  If you’ve read my little blog and it’s rantings before, thanks.  Another major election cycle is upon us, and Late Night Pizzas is now active again.  Your host is PizzaGuy, (Huffpo Pizzaguy1), and we’ll try to keep things lively and current as we go back into the cycle of Whack-A-Mole republican primaries, and the (hopeful) re-election of our President.  So, off we go!

A wonderful analysis by Glenn Greenwald

Bob Cesca’s fargin’ great article

I know I’ve been gone a while, but I needed a break after the frantic, all-out run up to the election and the aftermath. There is no way, however, I could not place even a brief note on LNP on the day that we all had bee hoping, praying, wishing, working and pushing for…….Inauguration Day. The Inauguration of Barack H. Obama as the 44th President of the United States. I took the day off to watch the coverage, and am listening to NPR right now. Are you? Tell us where you were and what you did on this day.

And do read Steven Webber’s wonderful article on HP.

Well, things are a perkulatin’ now, aint they? Pres-Elect Obama has begun to choose his posse, Emanuel and Axelrod so far. I do hope that he’ll chose a titan of finance such as Paul Volker for Sec of Treas: even if he serves but a year, the prestige and comprehensive knowledge he will bring to the position would be well worth it.

On the flip side, the GOP is a goin’ after the Wasilla hillbillies…seems that the rethugs wanted to buy the Barbie…accessories not included. Just like parents all across the country, they fell for the marketing. The “Doll” was cheap……but they never agreed to buy all of those OUTFITS! And now it turns out that the 150K price tag was just the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s see. Barbie didn’t know that Africa was a CONTINENT, not a country, she couldn’t name the countries in North America, or, by extrapolation, in NAFTA. Barbie refused to submit to “prep” before the Couric interviews, and she let loose with the Ayers smears before that tactic was signed off by McCain.

The world is pretty amazing, and the fallout from this campaign season is almost as much fun to watch as the campaign itself. Unfortunately, there’s no campaign work to do for ME at this point, but I am enjoying the season, as well as being part of the blogosphere with all of of you.

And that brings me to another Poll: